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Journal Publication

Advanced Engineering Informatics

The special issue on "Advanced Engineering Informatics and Knowledge Engineering Related to Innovation, Intellectual Property and Patent Analyses" in the journal - ADVANCED ENGINEERING INFORMATICS (ADVEI) will invite related CE2012 papers for extension and submission. Please refer to the Call for Paper for submission details.

Special issue editors:
Amy Trappey (trappey(at)ie.nthu.edu.tw) and P.M. (Nel) Wognum (nel.wognum(at)wur.nl).

Journal of Aerospace Operations

The Journal of Aerospace Operations (JAO) will publish articles that advance the field of aerospace operations and will focus on theoretical, empirical, and case based research. The goal of JAO is to promote a Value Operations Methodology that advances the capability to improve, optimize and evolve more complete solutions. This will include a fundamental interest in a wide range of generic expertise and modeling techniques ranging from mathematical modeling and optimization, expert systems, agent based modeling, integration techniques, complex systems and complexity modeling, decision analysis, simulation, econometrics, stochastic modeling, queuing theory, knowledge engineering, gaming theory, graph theory, and computing and information technologies.

We will invite related CE2012 papers for extension and submission.

ce2012-webmaster, 23. July 2014