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Conference Schedule

Special Sessions

  1. Web in Concurrent Engineering (Organizer: Prof. Parisa Ghodous, Universite Lyon)
  2. Knowledge-Based Engineering (Organizer: Prof. Cees Bil, RMIT University Melbourne)
  3. Cloud Computing in Concurrent Engineering (Organizer: Prof. Parisa Ghodous, Universite Lyon)
  4. Value Engineering and Operations: Methodology and Application (Organizer: Prof. Ricky Curran, Delft University of Technology)
  5. Decision Making Contexts in Engineering Design (Organizer: Prof. Jerzy Pokojski, Warsaw University of Technology)
  6. Product and Service Engineering (Organizer: Dr. Essam M. Shehab, Cranfield University)
  7. Product Life cycle Management (Organizer: Dr. Alain Biahmou, EDAG)
  8. CE within the Digital Factory (Organizer: Dr. Nils Macke, ZF)
  9. Consumer-oriented Product Design & Development (Organizer: Prof. Chun-Hsien Chen, Nanyang Technological University)
  10. Systems concurrent engineering of complex products (Organizer: Prof. Geilson Loureiro, INPE)
  11. System Innovation (Organizer: Prof. Shuichi Fukuda, Stanford University)
  12. Requirements Engineering (Organizer: Prof. Georg Rock, University of Applied Sciences, Trier) 

Tutorial / Workshops

  1. Architecture Design and Systems Engineering in PREEvision
    Organizers: Clemens Reichmann (aquintos) and Andreas Klegraf (Vector Informatik)
    Content: Architecture Design and Systems Engineering with PREEvision --The tutorial shows the application of the tool PREEvision within the development of complex E/E-systems. The presentation is accompanied by online demos of the most important and interesting use cases in the mentioned area.
  2. The proTRon project of the University of Applied Sciences Trier
    Organizers: The proTRon Team
    Content: Presentation and Demonstration of the proTRon project of the University of Applied Science in Trier. The proTRon team presents the history, the development strategies, and the success story of the proTRon project.
  3. Comprehensive Engineering: Integration of Industries Toward More Productivity and Less Energy Consumption
    Organizer: Prof. Dr. Shuichi Fukuda, Stanford University
  4. Agents in Collaborative and Distributted Design - towards a new paradigm?
    Organizer: Alain-Jérôme Fougères and Egon Ostrosi
  5. A New Approach to Support the Specification, Efficient Analysis and Visualization of Product Variability
    Organizer: Achim Seibertz and Kai Schreiber, PROSTEP AG
    Content: We will present a new approach realized in the tool v.control to support the specification, efficient analysis and visualization of product variability.
  6. Polarion ALM
    Organizer: Daniel Morris, Polarion Software GmbH

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