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Conference place: University of Applied Sciences

About 6,100 students are enrolled at our three campuses in Trier, Idar-Oberstein and Birkenfeld making Trier University of Applied Sciences the largest in Rhineland-Palatinate.

Thanks to our international location in the region of southwestern Germany where three countries meet, conditions here are ideal for preparing students for careers not just in Germany, but also in Luxemburg, France or Belgium. Regarding this international employment market on our doorstep, we offer a wide range of courses of study in technology, business, law, design and computer science, while the Environmental Campus of the FH Trier is concentrating on topics related to environmental issues.

A course of study at Trier University of Applied Sciences means an education with a strong practical focus combined with a solid theoretical foundation, and includes supervised projects, a practical semester or a study semester abroad.

Through our excellent business contacts we can offer our students plenty of opportunities for applied research and works, thus ensuring our courses remain up-to-date and meet the demands of potential employers.

Cooperation agreements with many universities and third-level institutions worldwide, double degrees and semester exchange programmes at all levels complete our international profile. Our degrees have been converted into the internationally accredited bachelor and master degrees.

Computer Science Department
The Computer Science Department covers this field at the levels of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, continuing education programmes, research and development. The Bachelor of Science and Master of Science programmes are available as full-time courses of study. They allow students either to qualify quickly for their chosen careers or to pursue their studies to prepare for a scientific career or for a career in the higher grade of the civil service.

Continuing Education
The distance learning programme in computer science enables students to develop their knowledge of special computer-related subjects or – within a postgraduate programme – to acquire the academic degree of Master of Computer Science (M.C.Sc.). This programme is specially designed to meet the needs of those who want to upgrade their specialized knowledge for professional reasons. Each semester is devoted to a particular thematic area, at the end of which the student is awarded a certificate.

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