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Conference Dinner in the Forum Bath

Conference Dinner Departure

The departure to the conference dinner starts at 17:45 pm.

The busses are waiting for you before the UAS Trier.

The Roman bathing facility from the 3rd and 4th centuries is open for visitors for tours and is also used as a site for events and conferences.

Continuing towards the Moselle along Kaiserstrasse, the visitor passes the site of the Roman Forum near which the Forum Baths were found in 1987.

Excavations for an underground parking garage brought to light the remains of a bath from around A.D. 100 underneath air-raid shelters from the Second World War, the remains of a seventeenth century Capucinian monastery, former vineyards, and two old cemeteries. 

The two hot-water baths, a surprisingly well preserved cold-water bath, hollow-floor heating systems, sewer canals, and massive walls on deep foundations are accessible as a combination of excavations and museum.

Situated in the city center on Viehmarkt Square, the bath/museum offers event participants two rooms with a capacity for a maximum of 350 guests.


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